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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chong Wei and BAM going through difficult times

pic by Bernama (L-R) Chong Wei, Dr. Saw Khay Yong and Dr. Nicholas Geary

Good news is that Lee Chong Wei is back on his feet and may be back on the courts in a week or so.

However, he has been advised to take Baby Steps by National Sports Institute CEO Datuk Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

".....but the next step will be crucial and difficult as well. He’ll need to step up his recovery without stressing his ankle.......It’s too early to say but perhaps he could return to the courts next week. But his training will be limited. He needs to increase the loading levels without over-stressing or affecting his injured parts.”

As such, Chong Wei’s training on the court will be limited to serves, shots and basic positioning and movement instead of doing lunges.

The hopes of the nation fall on Chong Wei. He may or may not reach optimum fitness in time for the London Olympics but why isn't there any able replacement, one that could carry the burden.

Former Olympic silver medalist Cheah Soon Kit raised some questions pertaining this and has put the blame on his former employers, BA of Malaysia (BAM) for the slump in badminton.

“No doubt it is difficult to produce another player like him but look at China. They have been producing world-beaters for some time now and should Lin Dan be injured they can rely on Chen Long and Chen Jin. The replacements may not be of the same standard but if it is close, then that would be sufficient,” said Soon Kit.

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