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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We are still far behind

Fresh from my trip to Manchester, I've realised why our football or even sports are no where close to becoming of world standard.

The season is simple, we have failed from the very bottom - the grassroots and talent identifying.

I visited the Manchester City academy, where their youth products are developed - hopefully to become world class players.

Whether they have produced great players is secondary. We can leave that to another day.

But the structure in place is there for all to benefit.

Think football, Think studies. Both can't go along some would say. Well in Malaysia I have no doubts but in Manchester, those two work well together.

Anyway read yesterday's Mailsport comparing the system in place at City's academy and those sports schools in Malaysia, yes the ones some parents don't want to send their kids to.

Here's more commentaries from Manchester :-

And here's all the news pieces.

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  1. Football grassroots & youth development programs should begin in schools where we have lots of our children together at one time.
    The Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education & Football Association of Malaysia should look at the bigger picture & work together for the good of the game in Malaysia.
    Forget the politician!!!
    They have brought the game to our knees!
    Get professionals to do their job!
    Private football academies like us @ City Youth Academy have done the job for them so why not support us?
    Always sanctioning foreign academies & programs??????
    What about us locals????
    If you can do the job, get out of it!!!!!

    For the sake of the game in Malaysia, get help before its too late.

    Thank you.

    Mohd Sulaiman Gerrard Abdullah
    Coaching Director of City Youth Organisation
    Head of Soccer & Futsal Development of City Youth Academy
    H/p no: 0162939495
    Facebook: mohd sulaiman gerrard
    Facebook: city youth academy
    Facebook: the awakening project