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Monday, July 09, 2012

Do we still need Government funds?

EVERYONE wants recognition, everyone wants credit and everyone wants to have the final say.

In short, everyone wants everything for themselves.

This could mean only two things — people may want to work as hard as they can to achieve all or some may take the easier option by just relying on bureaucracy to get it all.

That was the introduction to my commentary piece, From the Sidelines in today's Malay Mail, titled Government funds - bane or boon?

To those who come under the first group of people, well done. You've earned your right.

But those who fall in the second category, shame on you.

I'm not going to point fingers here, as then a defamation may follow. But the People are not stupid and may rightly see the point being driven.

Read the story published by Mailsport and you'll know where I'm headed.

Anyway back to the issue. Do we need to constantly rely on Government funds? 

From one point of view - yes but with no strings attached.

From another - it involves the athletes directly.

I had a good debate over Twitter with national athletes, bowler Zandra Aziela and swimmer Khoo Cai Lin. We agreed to disagree on many things, mainly as to why there should be government funds.

But we also conclusively agreed that some just don't deserve it. No names were mentioned but rather we spoke in general.

In short (my suggestion)

1. Funds be focused on the development of the athletes rather than the elite athletes - let's encourage self sustenance for the elite athletes or reserve funds for top notch or deserving athletes only.

2. NSC concentrates solely on the development and sports associations (NSA) be directly funded (if necessary) by the Sports Ministry.

3. Create an achievement based scheme for funding. Shape out or ship out. - some in the athletic industry have not even equaled their best in years.

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