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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Parents are the hindrance.

The future of our football scene should be a responsibility over everyone, not just the FA of Malaysia (FAM)

So is the message of FAM vice president Datuk Subahan Kamal

Well has FAM realised that they cannot do much anymore? - True we are Kings of Southeast Asia, in terms of competitions at least but where have we gone since there?

The system is still in a mess. FAM still can't get themselves out of the papers for all the bad reasons.

Well maybe FAM should clean up before expecting parents to Encourage their kids.

Click on the link and make up your own conclusions.

1 comment:

  1. As usual FAM is dishing out crap & excuses. First of all the governing body of Malaysian football should get its house in order.
    Do we have a grassroots & youth development program blueprint?
    Does FAM know how many football & futsal academies are there in Klang Valley?
    Private academies are producing more talents then FAM itself but grants are given only to societies & Ngos.
    As a representative of a football & futsal academy in Klang Valley, i was invited by the Ministry of Sports Malaysia (several times) to represent my academy as private academies are doing more for our football & futsal grassroots & youth development programs.
    Why not work with us?
    What happened to FAM's first touch program?
    What happened to the Malaysian Government's fund which was announced by our PM?

    Look at yourself first FAM before you blame the parents.

    Get professionals (coachs) to do the job not politicians!!!!!!!!