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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Conspiracy Theory?

That's a question only Lin Dan and the rest of the Chinese national set-up can answer.

pic taken from The Malay Mail

Everyone at the press area were observing Lin Dan's match despite Lee Chong Wei playing on court 1. Only because Lin Dan lost too easily to Jans O Jorgensen.

True, sportsmen can have their off days as mentioned to me by one of my twitter followers. But I am convinced it wasn't an off day for Lin Dan - he just gave no fight and conceded defeat too easily.

We had already expected Lin Dan to concede a walkover to Chen Jin in the quarters, as he did to Chen Long last year. We just didn't expect it to be any earlier.

Maybe the Chinese decided to avoid another controvesy of withdrawing to a compatriot, some thing that has happened many times before.

Read The Chinese conspiracy in today's Mailsport 

Just a thought - the Chinese could be conspiring to let Lin Dan drop to third in the BWF ranking, letting Chen Long be in the top half of the Olympic draw, leaving Lin Dan and Chong Wei to battle it out in the semifinal. Lin Dan, at his best, can and will beat Chong Wei -  this will ensure gold and silver to China.

Just a possibility.


  1. An olympic gold and silver medal in badminton for China in 2012. Makes perfect sense. I wonder if they'll get awarded "grandfatherships" when they get back to China.

  2. Recent LCW loss over the London Olympics ... on my own perception on the match, I think it’s a fixed match.. meaning the game was already known which side will win..
    remember the last game… actually LCW have a damn good chance when 18-16.. then from there he started to lose. I think there is a conspiracy here. Based on the whole game, he seldom let go the ball* go off court at the back. But from 18-16 onwards.. he kept letting it go which landed within court! And these precious few points were donated easily to LD.
    The ball* should be easily identified whether it will be off court or not. It was just not how LCW plays the game until these final moments. That’s my speculation - a conspiracy.. just as mentioned in this thread.