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Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's not celebrate yet!

Chong Wei has won two of the two Super Series tournaments so far - the Korean Open and Malaysia Open.

Some are starting to jump on the bandwagon that he is ready to bring Malaysia her first Olympic gold medal. But let's not get overly excited.

Thankfully Chong Wei and his coach, Tey Seu Bock, are well aware there is more work to be done.

The Korean Open deserves credit as he defeated Lin Dan, arguably his only competitor for the Olympics gold medal, in the final. But what about the Malaysia Open?

Indeed he barely had to work hard, except against Chen Long, for the title despite China sending Lin Dan and Chen Jin as well. Lin Dan, as we all know pulled out his antics yet again!!! (read previous post to get an understanding.

Anyway Seu Bock had this to say 

"He is still not at 100 percent and will need to push harder. China will surely have something up their sleeves for the London Olympics..." 

Damm right! Keep up the good work Chong Wei.

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