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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sorry just isn't enough for plagrism @msoccernews

What probably also need to be done is removing the particular contents, and maybe an apology on the blog and Facebook as well.

and here's the original pics. 

and here's the link to the original posting by (check gallery below story)\

Yes, they had the freaking cheek to watermark my pics!

as of now (1.30pm, Dec 17, 2012) Msoccernews has yet to remove their plagiarised contents. click here

Here's what they have done, 2 days later, since first ignoring all tweets. Not just by me but some others. Thanks for support everyone.

There are some blogs which run excellently - sourcing for information on their own or crediting their source. Here's a few Foul!, Malaysian Hockey, Malaysian Sports -Today's back pages, Maybe the folks at Msoccernews could learn a thing or two instead of being the bad apple in the blogging industry.

Kepada yang kat Msoccernews, sorry sahaja tidak cukup. Tolong remove segala content yang telah dicuri dari website and minta maaf dalam Blog dan Facebook. Bukan sahaja kepada saya ataupun, tetapi kepada semua yang you orang hijjack!

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